DCO hosts 3rd DiplomaticConnect event to foster digital diplomacy

The Digital Cooperation Organization hosted its third DiplomaticConnect event at the Embassy of Pakistan in Riyadh, bringing together diplomats, government officials, private sector leaders, and technology experts to explore the transformative potential of digital innovation in diplomatic practices and international relations. The third DiplomaticConnect specifically addressed the need for international cooperation to overcome semiconductor supply challenges.

The gathering welcomed more than 40 prominent guests, showcasing the recognition, within the diplomatic ecosystem, of the power of digital innovation, new technological advancements, and data-driven insights to enhance diplomatic decision-making and forge stronger international relationships. The attendees listened to a keynote speech titled “Semiconductors and International Relations,” delivered by Chairman and CEO of Rapid Silicon Dr. Naveed Sherwani, who is an innovator and leader in the field of design automation of ASICs and microprocessors.

In his welcome remarks, Ahmed Farooq, ambassador of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia, said: “It was an honor for Pakistan to host the third DiplomaticConnect event. Modern technologies are disrupting our ways of living and doing business faster than ever, and diplomacy is no exception. Diplomacy must catch up with the fast pace of these evolving technologies, remaining a challenge for most nations.

“I believe that DiplomaticConnect is a unique platform for fostering deeper understanding of these issues and bridging the gap between the digital world and diplomacy. As a founding DCO member, Pakistan is fully committed to the DCO’s agenda of digital prosperity, and we see DiplomaticConnect as an important pillar for this purpose,” he added.


DCO Secretary-General Deemah Al-Yahya said: “With emerging technologies bringing about unprecedented transformational changes, the world finds itself in a flux. As our esteemed keynote speaker Dr. Naveed Sherwani highlighted, something as small as a semiconductor chip has a mighty influence on geopolitical dynamics and international relations. With demand for the semiconductor chips more than the supply, we are at the crossroads of a rapidly evolving digital landscape; the need for tech diplomacy has never been more urgent. Embracing an inclusive approach is key to ensuring that all nations have a voice in shaping the future. We must come together, placing the inclusive and sustainable growth of the global digital economy at the forefront of our shared interests. The only way forward is joining hands to collaborate, innovate, and navigate the new world together, leaving no one behind.”

Keynote speaker Sherwani highlighted in his presentation the strategic importance of the semiconductor industry, emphasizing its critical role in influencing national sovereignty, economic growth, and security. Anticipating challenges arising from global trade dynamics affecting the semiconductor supply chain, he emphasized the need for nations to secure reliable access, and proposed actionable steps that included domestic investment, international collaboration, and participation in setting global standards.

Semiconductors are critical to shaping the world economy in the decades ahead. They must be accessible to all nations. Ensuring universal access is essential for technological equity, progress and an inclusive future,” Sherwani said.


The DCO DiplomaticConnect brings together ministers, ambassadors, diplomats, thought leaders, and other stakeholders to engage in thought-provoking conversations about digital diplomacy, aiming to underscore its importance in international relations. It also aspires to explore inventive approaches to diplomacy, leveraging the latest technological advances, digital tools, and data-driven insights to bolster diplomatic efforts.

Through the DCO DiplomaticConnect, the DCO affirms its commitment to bridging the digital and diplomatic worlds, facilitating comprehensive discussions, collaborations, and the sharing of indispensable knowledge and experiences. The fourth DCO DiplomaticConnect will be hosted at the Jordanian Embassy in Riyadh.


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