Satya fan Ram Charan personally welcomed Makarand Deshpande to RRR set, veteran actor says his scenes were cut due to date issues

What’s in a hairstyle? Sometimes, it can be an actor’s biggest asset. Makarand Deshpande has revealed that his scenes from SS Rajamouli’s epic blockbuster, RRR, were edited as he couldn’t accommodate the film’s ever-changing schedule, which was hit by multiple delays. In the Ram Charan-Jr NTR starrer, the veteran theatre personality featured in a brief appearance, which could have been longer had he completed the film. In an interview with Lallantop Cinema, the actor was asked about his experience of filming RRR, and he said that some his scenes were “unfortunately cut” as he couldn’t give the team his dates. “It was such a mammoth film that its schedules were affected by many things, COVID, rain… So, it became difficult… Initially, I had a terrific time shooting for the film. but then, because the schedule was stretched a lot, it started becoming difficult for me. I lost out on some scenes also because of the dates, otherwise the presence would have been better. But an actor can only do his bit, what gets edited, you can’t really…” Makarand Deshpande recalled surprising everyone when he showed up at Rajamouli’s with no moustache and short hair. He is known for his scraggly hair, and had assumed that he was hired, in part, for his signature appearance. “Their reaction was unbelievable. They kept looking at me, because I had cut my hair! It was for some role, so my hair was short and there was no moustache! Ram Charan had come, he said, ‘I have seen Satya and I am a huge fan of yours. They told me you are coming so I came to meet you.’ it was very sweet of him.”

Makarand apologised to Rajamouli for his appearance, and recalled what the filmmaker told him. “I told Rajamouli, ‘I am sorry, you may have called me because of my appearance’, but he said that look can be done through makeup. ‘I called you because you are a fine actor and we want you in our film,’ that was such a wonderful thing to say,” he added.

On the work front, the actor is currently seen in Dev Patel’s Monkey Man. The film was earlier set to open on April 19 in India, but there is no release date in sight for the film as it awaits clearance from the CBFC.

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