Step inside Aayush Sharma’s high-rise Mumbai apartment with bespoke artwork by Salman Khan and a view to die for

Bollywood actor Aayush Sharma recently opened the doors of his brand-new apartment, sharing with his fans the home’s pleasing design and spectacular views. Aayush, who moved in just three weeks ago, shared the story behind the design and what makes this home special for his family. He also showed the artwork gifted to him by his brother-in-law, Salman Khan, and shared why it holds so much importance.

In a new video posted by Mashable, Aayush credited his wife, Salman’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma, for overseeing the interior design of their house. While giving a tour of their dining area, Aayush showed the massive art piece designed by Salman. He said, “This artwork has been moving around from my previous house to this house. This is basically an artwork that has been made by Salman Khan. He designed Ayatul Kursi. It has gold leaflets here, and this is a Ayatul Kursi, and these are the different poses of namaz. It came on the day my first movie poster came out.”

Aayush said that his new home is a perfect mix of comfort and style, showing off his personality and what matters most to him and his family. He also gave a glimpse of his wardrobe and picked out a black jacket which had an interesting story.

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