Al-Balad Bazaar revives cultural heritage of Jeddah Al-Balad Bazaar revives cultural heritage of Jeddah Al-Balad Bazaar

JEDDAH: Al-Balad Bazaar events continued at Al-Dahab Square in Historic Jeddah, showcasing a variety of local products and handicrafts through 30 commercial outlets.


The aim is to emphasize the cultural heritage of Al-Balad, preserve the local heritage, revive local folklore, and promote cultural tourism in the city, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The year-long event plays a significant role in supporting youth and productive families. It provides them with sales outlets to display and sell their products throughout the year.


Al-Balad Bazaar is held in a special location in the heart of Historic Jeddah to exemplify the significant efforts made by the Historic Jeddah Program in reviving Saudi cultural heritage and promoting the city’s status as a premier tourist destination.

The event offers a diverse range of products, including traditional clothing, handicrafts, accessories, popular dishes, and pieces of art, emphasizing cultural heritage and introducing visitors and tourists to traditional crafts at reasonable prices.

It serves as a distinctive platform for revitalizing cultural heritage and fostering communication across diverse societal segments, making it a notable cultural destination that enhances the city’s tourism scene.

Supported by the Saudi Ministry of Culture, Al-Balad Bazaar draws a significant number of visitors and tourists, who express admiration for the cultural and artistic products, contributing to the revitalization of commercial activity in Historic Jeddah.

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