Amar Singh Chamkila confessed to Amarjot that he was already married, then they eloped, recalls their songwriter friend Sivia

Singer Amar Singh Chamkila, whose biopic, starring Diljit Dosanjh, is currently streaming on Netflix, was popularly known as the ‘Elvis of Punjab’. Chamkila was starting to gain popularity in his home state when he met Amarjot Kaur, who eventually became his second wife. But the public didn’t know that he was already married to Gurmail Kaur and had kids with her. In an earlier interview with RPD 24, songwriter Swaran Sivia recalled the time when Chamkila got married to Amarjot, and what led to this decision.

Sivia, who worked closely with Chamkila, shared that the singer initially started performing at akhadas and recording albums with Surinder Sonia, but since Sonia was way more popular than Chamkila when he started, she took the bigger cut of the profits. “Chamkila and Sonia charged Rs 800 for an akhada but he only got Rs 200. Chamkila asked for more money, as he believed that he was doing almost 75% of the work by writing the songs. Her manager, who was also her husband, refused. The tips also went to Sonia. Chamkila asked for 50% but they said we will only give you Rs 250. Chamkila refused and their partnership broke,” he recalled.

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