Do Aur Do Pyaar movie review: Vidya Balan-starrer lacks a certain sizzle, but springs to life intermittently

A married couple in the midst of an affair each, wondering where they are at loyalty-and-betrayal-wise, feels like a neatly-tied bow on a case full of roiled feelings. Dental practitioner Kavya Ganesan (Balan) and reluctant businessman Anirudh aka Ani Bannerjee (Gandhi) are a classic example of a pair having fallen out with each other : no smiles, no warmth, each occupying their side of the bed, sleeping with their phones.

Each has a tasty bit on the side, she cosying up to Vikram (Ramamurthy) a photographer who trots the globe in search of the right picture, and he doing ditto with the clearly much-younger Nora (D’Cruz), a struggling actress waiting anxiously for her first big break.

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