Argentina battles dengue surge and repellent shortage

Argentina is facing an insect repellent shortage as the country prepares for its worst-ever dengue season.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne virus that can be deadly, or cause serious illness, in some cases.

A vaccine for dengue has been developed but its rollout is still in early stages and most people still rely on preventative measures to avoid the virus.

Residents report that it is almost impossible to buy repellent.

Many supermarkets and pharmacies have displayed “no repellent” signs, and in the few places where it is still available, especially online, resale prices are astronomical.

The government has attributed the problem to a “bottleneck” that will be corrected in the coming days.

But many citizens, particularly in the capital Buenos Aires, are fearful at a time when hundreds of thousands of Argentines have already been infected.

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