Centralized Exams for 5th Class Students Stopped in Federal Schools

The Federal Ministry of Education has decided to discontinue the centralized examination system for grade 5 in the schools under the control of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). According to a statement by the education ministry, the decision was taken to alleviate exam stress and anxiety and eliminate unwarranted comparison and competition among peers.

“By removing this pressure, we can create space for children to focus on developing other essential life skills and engaging in sports activities,” the ministry added. Despite discontinuing the centralized exams, it has been decided that the summative internal diagnostic assessments will continue to ensure teachers’ accountability.

“We believe that learning extends far beyond the stress of exams and that the early years of schooling should be joyful and enriching,” the education ministry said.

The ministry also announced a range of co-curricular activities and non-assessed initiatives to provide children with opportunities for holistic development and exploration beyond traditional academic measures.

Earlier this month, teachers conducting centralized primary and middle standard exams raised concerns regarding unpaid remuneration and the expenses they have incurred during exam duties over the past three years.

After being disappointed by unfulfilled promises and financial strain, these teachers urged the authorities to transition towards local exams to alleviate their difficulties.

According to them, despite promises by the FDE, they have not received their deserved remuneration for conducting exams and assessing papers.

It is pertinent to mention that the FDE previously organized centralized examinations for grades five and eight annually. The students from private schools were also allowed to participate in these exams.

Talking to a local media outlet, an official for the FDE stated that the eighth-grade exam will continue to be conducted as usual.

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