For 50 years, Najran tailor has been cut above the rest

Young must be taught to love their heritage, ‘wear their ancestors’ clothes,’ says Ali bin Mohammed Al-Abdullah


NAJRAN: Nestled in the heart of Najran is a small shop where cloth is cut and stitched to celebrate culture and heritage.


Here, Ali bin Mohammed Al-Abdullah, known among the locals as Bin Sarwan, reigns as a master tailor, his nimble fingers crafting masterpieces that transcend mere clothing.


For over five decades, Bin Sarwan, who inherited the craft from his ancestors, has infused in his work stories of local culture and love for his homeland.

My first garment,” he reminisces, eyes twinkling behind his glasses, “I sewed it by hand at 15, thread and needle my only tools.”

And back then, my work became known in the town as ‘Bin Sarwan’s stitch.’ It was a source of immense pride; even some local poets sang of it.”


Gazing at the vibrant costumes adorning his shop, he says with conviction: “This is our legacy. We must teach the young, instill in them love for their heritage, urge them to wear their ancestors’ clothes, keep the traditions alive.”

Bin Sarwan’s artistry lies in his meticulous touch. He masterfully blends colors, selects fabrics, and incorporates intricate details, all while embracing modern advancements.


For over 25 years, his creations have graced national festivals, each stitch a testament to Najran’s enduring cultural tapestry.

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