Italy rolls out its long-awaited Digital Nomad Visa; find out how to qualify

Italy has become the newest EU member to introduce a Digital Nomad visa, thereby presenting remote workers with an enticing opportunity to blend work with leisure while exploring the country. Effective as of April 4th, a recent law permits individuals without an EU passport or any other visa to reside and work legally in Italy for an extended period.

After years of deliberation by Italian lawmakers, the country’s digital nomad visa has finally materialised, which is aimed specifically at remote workers desiring to experience life in this sought-after European destination. According to the Italian government, digital nomads are defined as non-European Union or Swiss citizens possessing high skills and capable of working remotely, either independently or in collaboration with a company. However, do note that obtaining Italy’s digital nomad visa is not straightforward. Applicants must have an income three times higher than the minimum level required for exemption from healthcare costs, equating to nearly €28,000 annually or about $30,400. Italy’s visa is notably one of the more challenging EU Digital Nomad visas to acquire. Prospective applicants must meet the criteria of being ‘highly skilled,’ as defined by the Italian Government, which pertains to individuals engaged in highly qualified work activities utilising technological tools enabling remote work, regardless of residency status. This law is enshrined under article 27 of the immigration code, as per the reports.  Financial requirements also pose a hurdle, especially concerning Italian healthcare costs. Applicants must be either freelancers or employees with an annual salary of at least €28,000 (slightly above $30,000), with no stipulation that the income must originate from remote work.

Furthermore, applicants must hold a minimum of a three-year college degree or a professional licence for their field or demonstrate substantial experience. Additionally, they must exhibit six months of relevant work experience in their desired remote field.

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