KE – VISA Dynamic Payment QR Codes Take Center Stage in Pakistan’s Energy Revolution

Meet Natasha, a busy professional who always found bill payments to be a chore. Juggling her work, home, and personal life left her with very little time for such tasks. However, Natasha’s life took a turn for the better when she discovered the convenience of using her Visa card to pay her bills, particularly the K-Electric bill.

It is frustrating to manage multiple bills and equally time-consuming to write cheques, go to the bank, or log onto different payment portals. While discussing her dilemma with a friend, Natasha learned about the benefits and convenience of using her Visa card for bill payments. She could link her card to multiple billers, allowing her to consolidate her payments on a single platform. This eliminated the need to remember various due dates and logins. K-Electric’s cashback option further enhanced the entire experience.

K-Electric excels in providing a convenient and hassle-free process of bill payment for its customers, the sole vertically integrated power utility has collaborated with Visa and offered PKR. 500 cashback every time the customer paid the bill using their Visa card for three consecutive months. In other words, during this campaign, Visa cardholders of selected banks having electricity bills of at least PKR 1,000 were be able to avail a cashback of up to PKR 500 by scanning the Visa Dynamic Payment QR code in the Scan to Pay feature of their bank’s mobile application.

Such facilities allow customers to save on their transportation costs as well as give them more time to focus on work and personal life. Natasha feels, “Although I have installed the K-Live app on my phone, this Visa collaboration and the amazing cashback campaign was next-level. Looking forward to more such initiatives by K-Electric to make life easier for customers.”

According to the company report, it was observed that the largest power distributor was able to retain a significant number of customers approximately 38,000 with 12,000 customers coming back for repeat QR bill payments using Visa cards, this resulted in almost PKR 24 million worth of discounts being disbursed indicating cost saving for customers.

Ease of payment and exciting cashback campaigns using different digital modes along with globally recognized payment solutions may result in more people switching to paperless, environment-friendly modes of payment. It saves on fuel costs, resulting in a generous contribution to a less polluted planet.

With the tremendous rise in living costs, small cashback offers are always fun. Natasha also appreciated the security features of her Visa card, which provide peace of mind when making online payments.

Natasha’s story is a testament to how the ease of paying bills through a QR code card not only simplified her financial life but also improved her overall quality of life. She found a solution that worked for her busy lifestyle, providing convenience, security, and peace of mind.

If you are looking for a more efficient and hassle-free way to manage your bills, consider using the KE-Live App. Just like Natasha, you might discover that it is a game-changer in simplifying your financial routines and giving you more time for the things that truly matter.

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