Khasirat Ayn Zubaida’s open market delights visitors

Jeddah: The open market area in the cultural and recreational center of Khasirat Ayn Zubaida has added a spirit of the ancient past into the sale and display of heritage and cultural products, including historical clothing, accessories and wooden crafts.


The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites, along with its partners, has transformed Khasirat Ayn Zubaida into a destination for visitors and residents in Makkah.

As a source of fresh water and a rest stop for pilgrims, the Ayn Zubaida stream is one of the most historic monuments in Makkah and holds significance for Muslims. It is also a symbol of the rich history and heritage of the holy city.


The development and rehabilitation of Khasirat Ayn Zubaida is part of the commission’s strategy to preserve historical areas of Makkah by developing sites to enhance cultural awareness, enriching the experience of visitors and promoting historical tourism in the Kingdom.

The open market, which was launched in January, offers a range of artifacts and displays in stalls set up by local families.


Khasirat Ayn Zubaida, as a Makkah landmark, is one of the many new sites in the Kingdom aiming to promote historical tourism.


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