LG and META Forge Collaboration to Accelerate XR Business

LG Electronics is ramping up its strategic collaboration with the global tech powerhouse, Meta Platforms, Inc. (Meta), aiming to expedite its extended reality (XR) ventures. The aim is to combine the strengths of both companies across products, content, services and platforms to drive innovation in customer experiences within the burgeoning virtual space.

Forging an XR Collaboration With Meta

On February 28, LG’s top management, including CEO William Cho and Park Hyoung-sei, president of the Home Entertainment Company, met with Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg at LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, Seoul, being a part of Zuckerberg’s tour of Asia.

The two-hour session saw discussions on business strategies and considerations for next-generation XR device development. CEO Cho, while experiencing the Meta Quest 3 headset and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, expressed a keen interest in Meta’s advanced technology demonstrations, notably focusing on Meta’s large language models and its potential for on-device AI integration.

Paving the Way in Next-Generation Extended Reality Experiences

LG plans to create a unique ecosystem in the XR domain by combining Meta’s platform with its own content and service capabilities from its TV business. Additionally, the integration of Meta’s various core technological elements with LG’s advanced product and quality capabilities will result in significant synergies in the development of next-generation XR devices.

XR devices are considered to be the next generation of personal devices that can overcome the limitations of mobile screens when it comes to immersion and intuitiveness. Wearable devices can greatly expand customer interactions.

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