Nasdaq says investigating matching engine issues impacting connectivity

Exchange operator Nasdaq (NDAQ.O), opens new tab said on Monday it was investigating issues related to the matching engine that was impacting connectivity to the exchange.
Matching engines are software systems that match buy and sell orders on an exchange.
The development comes months after the exchange reported similar issues that impacted stock orders and affected over 50 clients at Nasdaq.
The company said on Monday orders sent using the “RASH FIX” order handling system will not being acknowledged at this time. The incident started around 4.55 a.m. Eastern Time, according to the exchange’s website.
Nasdaq did not give details about the trades that have been affected. The exchange did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.
New York Stock Exchange Arca Equities, which specializes in listings of exchange-traded products, said it had declared self-help against Nasdaq.
A “self-help” alert is a notification issued by a trading exchange when another exchange is dealing with internal problems processing trades and orders are routed through alternate venues.

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