Saudi Aramco signs Jafurah gas field Phase 2 and expands main gas network

RIYADH: Saudi Aramco has finalized agreements for the second phase of its Jafurah gas field development and the third phase of expanding its Master Gas System.


During the signing ceremony, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman revealed that the current capacity of the main gas network is about 4,000 km. “The project will be linked to 40 facilities, including electricity and water treatment plants, and petrochemical production plants and plants,” he stated on the sidelines of the signing ceremony.

The minister added that they have worked with Aramco to develop and increase gas exploration and drilling projects. “We also seek to expand, taking into account the expansions that will come to our economy after 2030, and we have a duty to start working on them from now so that we are ready for the 2040 goals,” he added.

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