Saudi crown prince approves designs for ‘Sport Tower’, a key project in Riyadh Sports Boulevard

RIYADH: The Sports Boulevard Project in Riyadh has approved the designs for “Sport Tower” – a high rise building that has courts for different indoor sports.


Headed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the project’s directors have announced that they approved the designs for Sports Tower, the Saudi Press Agency said.


The Sports Boulevard is one of Riyadh’s four ambitious projects, launched by Saudi King Salman in March 2019. The project is a key component of the Saudi Vision 2030.


Sports Boulevard extends for 135 kms across the city. It has safe, green pathways for pedestrians and includes special routes for professional and amateur cyclists, horse riding paths, and designated sites for sporting activities, SPA added.


The project aims to encourage citizens of Riyadh to follow a healthy lifestyle through exercise and participation in various sporting activities.

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