Saudi deputy foreign minister and US envoy discuss war in Sudan

RIYADH: The Saudi deputy minister of foreign affairs, Waleed Elkhereiji, and the US special envoy for Sudan, Tom Perriello, held talks on Monday in Paris on the sidelines of an international humanitarian conference for Sudan and its neighboring countries.


They discussed the latest developments in the war-torn country, ways in which cooperation between their countries might be enhanced, and other issues of common interest, the Saudi Press Agency reported.


Donors pledged more than $2.13 billion in aid during the conference, French President Emmanuel Macron said, which took place on the first anniversary of what humanitarian workers described as a neglected but devastating conflict.


They said efforts to help millions of people driven to the verge of famine by the civil war have been held up by continuing fighting between the Sudanese army and rival paramilitary organization the Rapid Support Forces, restrictions imposed by the warring factions, and the financial demands donors are facing as a result of other global crises, including the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.

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