Saudi pavilion showcases ancient heritage at Doha expo

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s pavilion at the International Horticultural Expo in Doha participated in celebrations for the Kingdom’s Founding Day.


The pavilion showcased Saudi national heritage, and visitors could explore the Kingdom’s ancient history.


The celebrations included various events to reflect the unique Saudi identity and heritage. Among these were folk arts and traditional music performances, the Saudi ardah, traditional fashion shows, and events showcasing plastic arts.

Also displayed were handicrafts that combined nostalgia with the creativity of the present.


Many visitors were a part of the special occasion, and it was praised for highlighting the diversity and cultural richness of Saudi Arabia.


The event was part of the Kingdom’s efforts to enhance cultural communication and introduce the world to its rich heritage. It was also an opportunity to showcase Saudi history while strengthening cultural ties and communication.

The expo, which boasts the title “Green Desert, Better Environment,” began on Oct. 2 last year and continues until March 28.


The Saudi pavilion is also showcasing the Kingdom’s “natural richness,” drawing visitors from around the world.


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