TimTim: Made in Pakistan robot helping Autistic children boost their social skills

KARACHI – Access to diagnosis and support services for autism in Pakistan is limited but the challenge remains but now a socially assistive robot is providing verbal feedback to children with autism.


Children affected with autism face significant challenges in terms of independent living, and social inclusion, and there need for greater support. 

Recognising significant challenges faced by individuals affected by autism, Pakistani startup Haprowrobotics innovated robot designed to help children with autism in enhancing their skills and facilitating learning by addressing feelings of loneliness through communication.

TimTim is the first commercial robot in South Asian nation to help mitigate autism symptoms, offering support and therapy to autistic children by improving their communication, social, and cognitive skills.

The socially assistive robot interacted with audio and video data, like statements or eye contact, from autistic children’s interactions. It analyses the data to see whether they are engaged in a given training activity.

It aimedto improve social, communication and relationship skills of autistic children and their ability to self-regulate.

The robot after creating impact is set to be available in the local market next month and internationally within a year. The startup CEO said TimTim serves as a companion and mentor for children who are dealing with autism.


He said TimTim uses AI to communicate with children and has ability to move autonomously. I.t has a battery life of 7-hours and can engage with children individually or in group sessions.

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