NATO orders $700 million worth of Stinger missiles

NATO has signed a $700 million contract for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to bolster the air defense capabilities of its member states, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Tuesday. The deal, struck by the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), will keep the production line running through 2029, according to a spokesperson from RTX’s Raytheon division.


Stoltenberg made the announcement during a gathering of defense industry leaders on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Washington. This move follows a previous contract in May 2022 when the U.S. Army awarded $625 million for Stinger missiles to replenish stockpiles sent to Ukraine. The shoulder-fired Stinger missiles have been pivotal in Ukraine’s defense against Russian air assaults, and neighboring European countries have also sought to boost their defenses amid fears of potential threats from Russia.

“The NSPA signed a new multinational contract for Stinger missiles worth almost $700 million,” Stoltenberg stated, underscoring the alliance’s commitment to strengthening its defense posture.

The Stinger missile system, known for its effectiveness, played a significant role during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s.

RTX confirmed that this latest order will sustain Stinger missile production for several more years, ensuring continued support for NATO allies’ defense needs.

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